The easy way to machine polish your car

Do you know how to machine polish a car, or do you want to know one of the easiest ways of producing a deap gloss wet look shine at not pay through the nose on lots of expensive compounds?


Autosgleaming Malco Rejuvenator



Well whether you are a novice or a professional these two featured cutting compounds are exceptionally good at what they do. Which is making very shiny paintwork!

The first featured product is Malco Rejuvenator which is a single stage water based cutting compound which will remove medium to minor damage which produces a tremendous shine on car and commercial paintwork. The golf pictured below was completely machine polished in 35 minutes and no wax or further enhancer was used.



Malco Rejuvenator works effectively with hard to medium foam pads such as yellow 160mm 30mm

Malco Rejuvenator       Yellow Foam Buffing Head

A truly versatile compound for restoring and enhancing paintwork for less than £16 a litre. Malco really does offer exceptional performance for exceptional value for money.



So onto our next labour saving compound which is a silicone and filler free making it not only making it a favourite with detailers but with body shops as well. Malco Restore It can restore, refine and enhance paintwork…quickly. Ideally suited to light rectification and colour enhancement it truly loves dark colours for fantastic results.

Removes swirls and enhances paint will the smallest amount of compound.



A tiny amount of compound is required to rectify paintwork to beautiful gloss and in the case of the black Audi wing below, in one pass only with a rotary machine polisher. But not only only does Restore It work well on darks colours, but light colours as well. (CLICK ON IMAGES FOR DETAILED VIEWING)






Restore It is also pretty good at colour restoration as well. Coupled with our very own soft pad makes a marriage made in heaven. The completion of the van below in years gone by would have taken over a day. The actual time was 4 hours. This purely for the reasons of instant shine and vertually is any throw off at all.


soft diamond buffing head



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