Malco Epic Rectification Kit

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Malco Epic Paint Correction Compounds

Malco Epic cutting compounds are designed to work quickly and efficiently with the the use of a dual action polisher. Producing deep shines and rectifying automotive clear coats in a safe and clean fashion.

Only small amounts of product are required meaning  little goes a long way.

Malco Epic Heavy Duty Compound – removes heavy damage, clear coat swirl marks and cob webbing. Capable of polishing 2000 grit.

Malco Epic Medium Compound – produces high gloss in a single stage polish without necessarily requiring refining. Can be used in two stage technique alongside heavy duty agent. Restores medium clear damage and is capable of polishing 2500 grit sand marks.

8oz 236ml

All compounds work efficiently all ambient temperatures internally and externally.

Malco Epic heavy cut – Yellow 6″ 160mm 35mm Ultra Coarse Correction Heavy Cutting Pad (micro fibre or wool pads can be used for further cut).

Malco Epic Medium – Orange 6″ 160mm 30mm For medium compound

Malco Epic Black Black – 160mm 30mm Finishing Pad

M-Pads – orange mini 95mm 25mm

M-Pads – Black mini 95mm 25mm

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