Silverline Rotary Enhancement Polishing Kit

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Silverline DIY Rotary Polisher and Enhancement Kit

Rejuvenate, maintain, seal and protect your vehicles paintwork award winning Silverline polishing and premium Malco compounds and buffing heads.

Variable speed rotary polisher Silverline machine voted by ‘BEST BUY’ by AutoExpress is both lightweight and easy to use in its ergonomic design.

180mm Backing Plate

120mm backing plate

Wool hook & loop 200mm pad

Orange waffle foam pad 150mm 30mm heavy cut

White diamond waffle 160mm 30mm foam pad

White 160mm 30mm

Yellow 160mm 25mm foam pad

Black super soft 160mm 30mm

Orange 130mm 30m

Sample bottles 243mm

Malco Rejuvenator – one step provides instant gloss can be used with hard pad for weathered paintwork or a soft pad for light polishng.

Malco Restore It – silicone filer freeglazing compound. Removes micro scratches, restore faded paint and works exceptionally well on dark colours. Use yellow pad for cutting or black super soft for glazing.

Malco Amplifier – gloss booster and sealer polish. Use white diamond pad or super soft head for extra gloss and prolonged protection.

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