Safely Remove Cement Fall Out & Rectify Paintwork

Removing cement from vehicle paintwork is not as difficult as you may think, if you use the correct process. This video will enlighten viewers not only how you can remove cement safely, but also how not to do it! The short video will educate you on how to remove the contamination, but does not tell the full story of this particular job. The affects of the individual who decided the best way of removing the cement was with a razor blade, can also be seen in the photo’s below. The result of the razor blade was lots and lots of scratches all over the vehicle and four hours of needless paint rectification. This could have been avoided with the correct process.

Mercedes Benz

Fall Out Removal

What a razor blade does to the paintwork! Click to enlarge









As the video explains removing cement can be quick and easy, but the chemical used (Concept chemicals Surge) is a bit of a ‘Vinny Jones’. It performs well, but can be an aggressive nasty damaging individual.  Firstly it is absolutely imperative that appropriate skin, eye and respiratory protection is worn. If your a smoker and you want your lungs cleaned out just take a deep breathe of Sargent Surge. That will do the trick. The first time I used this chemical I brush it on the effected area and as it frothed up and started to break down the cement I thought it would be a good idea to gently knock the contamination to help the process along. A piece of cement flew off and landed in my eye. I’m not sure which hurt more, the acid dissolving my eye or the cement breaking down and scratching my pupil. My immediate reaction was to grab the garden hose running with water and plant it in my eye. My eye sight was eventually fine, but please do learn from my mistake.

So make sure that all plastics, rubbers, brushed/satin finishes or chromes are masked over to avoid damage.

Although if any chrome is affected it will re-polish back up with metal polish

Surge doesn't like plastic!


This is how the residue on my gloves affected the brand new Kranzle pressure washer trigger gun.



The best way to apply Surge

The best way to apply Surge is with this interior sponge.     If you apply Surge with a brush (soft or hard bristles) it will absolutely destroy the bristles sending them rock hard. So if you use  this sponge it not only withstands the aggressive chemical it also has the excellent value of being hard and abrasive to help remove the cement. But not to abrasive to mark the paintwork.

The secret in using this chemical is to apply a small amount of chemical to the sponge to treat the affected panel/glass by wiping over  small areas at a time. Allow a minute or so to penetrate and just simply wipe away. To avoid any damage to rubbers, chrome etc treat no more than a panel at a time.

However if by some chance some loony has decided the best plan of action is to use a razor blade to remove the fallout, then this is what you will need to do.

Fall out and scratches removed, ready polishing!

First I used 1500 grit wet and dry , followed by 2000 grit wet and dry with plenty of carpet and upholstery cleaner lubricant. I used this chemical as it gives a nice little soapy fluid and allows the wet and dry to glide across the paintwork without biting to much. You can use water if you wish but I find this a more efficient way.




Rectified Paintwork and a perfect finish

I then used Presta Super Cut with orange waffle head. Presta claim Super Cut removes 600 grit scratches (which personally I wouldn’t like to experiment on) but certainly removed the grit marks almost immediatley. The saving grace of this vehicle was the colour. I wasn’t going to suffer from swirl as much as if I had a dark coloured vehicle. However I still worked down the grades of Presta’s Ultra Cutting Creme with the white waffle head, Ultra Cutting Creme Light with black super soft Waffle head with the rotary polisher used at the appropriate rpm with each cutting creme.

The boot (pictured above) of the Mercedes Benz was the worst affected area of the vehicle, although the whole vehicle had been damaged with the razor blade. However Presta’s Super Cut removed the rest of the scratches all on it’s own. Not only easily, but as I’ve mentioned before – one of the best attributes of the Presta range is that is so efficient and so so tidy. No messy messy over throw, and where there is over throw it easily wipes off.

So this is the final result. Complete vehicle detail to the expense of £180. Lets not forget it could have been easily avoided by using the correct procedure, which would have cost £60.

Fall out removed, flatted, polished and finely detaiied

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