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WELCOME – Goggles and Ice cream

Well here we go, hello and welcome to our blog. This is where you can share a wealth of trade knowledge from over twenty years experience in valeting and detailing world. I am Matthew and I have worked on virtually every form of motorised and static vehicles. Including cars, vans, lorries, caravans (teardrop aluminum), fork lift trucks, Samsung diggers, motor bikes and loads loads more. Amongst other issues I will be advising you from personal experience why it is a good idea to wear goggles when removing cement from paintwork and how to treat a car that’s had ten litres of ice cream sitting in it’s boots spare wheel well, for a week!


We aim to solve your valeting issues and marry you up with products which produces the best results, in the least amount of time and of coarse is suited to your budget.

Way back in the day when I first started valeting as a spotty teenager working on Mini’s Metro’s, Vauxhall Chevette’s and model T Fords, the automotive chemical industry roost was ruled by Autosmart. In those days a trade product was a quality product (for that era) and a retail product was……. well was a load of tosh.

The introduction and emergence of detailing and valeting suppliers such as Meguiars, Dodo Juice, Chemical Guys, Swiss wax and many many more has brought healthy competition to the industry. Although the market is flooded with apparently the ‘best product on the market’ it has increased the quality of all valeting and detailing items. However, as with virtually all items for sale in the market place the best product isn’t always the best known. For instance Megquiars spend massive amounts on marketing, but products such as drying wizard and clay bars are massively over priced. So we aim to be your arsenal against the industries marketing heavy weights and of coarse uncover the under the radar items.


We would love to say that we know best and are always right, but alas we are all males here and we all know that only females are the only ones that know it all! (sorry ladies).

We will always give are honest advice and the best of our knowledge to help you find the best product. However one persons best could be another persons worst and we can’t try them all. But we will do our best.


So we will be inviting experienced trade outfits and enthusiasts to try out products we stock and ones we don’t to find the winner of the tried and tested. Where we can we will provide products unlabeled so there is no bias what so ever.¬†We will tell you where you can buy the tested products, regardless of whether we stock the item or not.


We will be testing every aspect of valeting and detailing over the next few years and you can always look at our blog history for information. We will be covering –

  • Vehicle washing – TFR’s, wash and waxes, wheel cleaners, sponges, brushes (telescopic and standard)
  • Vehicle drying – Chamois Leathers (synthetic & natural) microfibre cloths, water wizards and more.
  • Polishes, glazes, cutting compounds and sealers.
  • Window cleaners
  • Tyre and Trim dressings
  • Air freshening, sanitising and fogging


We will also be advising and testing equipment, enlightening you to little gems of information. Such as a pressure washer which will run without a water supply, dragging water from a drum.


Finally, you might disagree, or you might you supply or use a better product. Well if that’s the case, LET US KNOW!!!

We look forward to your company!!!!

Spotless Scania Lorry

Demolition Lorry, made beautiful

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