Presta Cutting Creme Scratch Removal & Polishing Renovator

Take a look at how quickly Presta removes bird dropping marks in record time.

This is the perfect final finish on the rear door of a 2009 Nissan Qashqai which had the whole near side mullered, by what? The driver was unaware??? (to see the door before treatment just scroll down, it’s impressive!!!!!)

The first phase was with Presta Ultra Cutting Creme, which  gave a extremely impressive shine in a very very quick time.Presta’s cutting creme removed all the scratches really easily. I found this cutting creme really user friendly and is a truly impressive trade product, but also and excellent product for an amateur enthusiast. I especially liked the way I could always visually see what I was doing whilst buffing due to the consistency of the creme. Other cutting compounds such as Farecla, 3m, Autosmart, Concept, Neilsen, Autoglym  and others – usually tend need constant lubrication which can sometimes make it difficult to see the area you mopping as well as (if you are not careful) being messy. On the other hand, overloading your mop head without lubrication and it just won’t work full stop! With Presta’s cutting Creme you don’t need to lubricate. It does however leave a kind of greasy haze which is easily removed either with black super soft head or micro fibre cloth, but nothing like the difficult residue of other compounds. You can visually see a change in colour of the cars  panel whilst mopping as the depth of shine instantly changes. The reasons why I found this the easiest cutting agent was for these reasons

  • far less throw off
  • when you do get throw off it’s very easy to remove
  • massively efficient as with instant shine
  • overloading the head with compound doesn’t result in rolls of excess compound firing off everywhere
  • you don’t get any or have visual holograms
  • no need for loads of masking up and covering 
  •  best of all it’s quicker to use both with machine & clearing excess dust/unwanted throw off.

It is very neat and tidy.

For my application process read on!

I like driving in my car...... through bushes and woodland

These scratches ran the whole length of the near side of the vehicle. As you can see from the photo above the results were a perfect finish with no signs of any marks or blemishes.

So this is he equipment and products I used –

  • Presta ultra cutting cutting creme – applied with our white 160mm 30mm head
  • Presta ultra cutting cutting creme light – applied with our yellow 160m 30mm head
  • Presta Swirl Remover – applied with our black super soft 150mm 50mm
The first time I used Presta products was on a black 2008 Honda Civic and I wasn’t taken with it and did actually swap back to  farecla G3 for the heavy scratches. The second time was on this Nissan where my attention was well and truly gained. Lets face it, all  products behave differently and we always expect products to behave the same way as our old tried and tested. Presta’s polishing process actually specify using their wool heads which are very pricy. However I gained perfect results with our sponge heads which are £3.69 head.
So this this is what I did…..
Firstly Presta do actually advise using their light cutting creme first, but as you can see by the photo’s the Nissan needed more then light cutting creme! So I loaded the white head and placed a couple of blobs roughly 5p piece on opposite sides of the head to mop the front wing, where the areas where tight and difficult. The light scratches virtually instantly disappeared with a beautiful shine. The heavier scratches required a little more work but really not too much. Some bird lime marks also disappeared extremely quickly without any wet flatting.
The shine was really impressive and so so tidy, as being a creme you can keep it lovely neat and tidy. What I really like with the consistency of the water based creme you never build up of friction at high rpm. Meaning you stand far less chance of burning or grazing, and this really fills you with confidence through out the whole process. Not at any point did I use any lubrication at all as it wasn’t needed.
Once I had finished with the Ultra Creme on the wing I couldn’t see how I could improve on the finish I had already obtained as the shine was so deep and I could see no holograms/swirls or any sign at all of machining. But regardless of this I carried on with the next part of the process with Ultra Cutting Creme light. So I loaded the yellow head and just squeezed a small line off this thinner in consistency light cutting creme. I worked the creme along the panel and proceeded mop again. Once again the application was very easy and neat and tidy (which I also used on a black Q7 on it’s own for superb results). In all honesty I couldn’t see a huge change in finish but was putting further depth to and already great finish. Presta do advise the use of wool polish mops, but I compensated this with the use of black super soft head which was very quick process. 
Finally was the swirl remover, this I can’t really judge for performance as I couldn’t see any swirls! However coupled with another black super soft head this really easy to apply and it did deepen the shine. You could at this point or indeed at any other point use a hook and look lambs wool head but I just didn’t need it. I just wiped off the excess marks (micro fibre cloth) and didn’t hand polish as it just wasn’t required.  

1500 Grit Removal – On the heavy scratches I wet flatted the desired areas and proceeded to use the same process as above but obviously with more polishing with the ultra cutting creme. It did the trick quite nicely and the lighter cremes deepened shine and removed the fine flatting marks. Not at any point did I use any lubrication as it wasn’t required. So that was the whole job was complete, in half the time it would usually take me.
Presta’s cutting creme formulation does not have any fillers like other compounds, so when you remove scratches they shouldn’t re-appear a few weeks after you’ve polished out the scratch. I have indeed mopped a ford focus door with UCC which I had previously used farecla G3 and scratches had re-appeared. UCC actually removed more of the original scratches and being a friends vehicle I will know if they do re-appear and will let you know if they do. The finish was so so super smooth, that I must have spent about five minutes just stroking the panel!! Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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