Metal & Chrome Polishing With Drill Atachment

Malco metal and chrome polish is a great product for restoring a mirror finish to any kind of aluminium, metal or chrome. Click on the link above to see how easy you can gain a mirror finish to chromes and metals. Watch the reflection of me running for my black polish head and when purchasing quote ‘forest’ upon check out notes for a free orange head.


A great and affordable way of applying Malco metal polish and gaining a superb finish is with a drill fitting backing plate and foam buffing head. However it is not essential. You can still gain excellent results using lint free cloth, stockinette and super soft micro fibre cloths. Malco metal and chrome polish will restore high gloss shine to lorry fuel tanks, motor bike exhausts and in fact any kind of chrome or metal. I polished the back box on my VW camper and it will remove all those brownie black tinges you get on metals that experience high temperatures as well as pitting and light rust. I found that using drill fitted head saved loads of time and gave the best results. But as exhaust pipes are a funny shape I had to apply by hand. This was no problem, but just took a bit more time. The secret of hand application is patient. Don’t rub to hard, just take your time and let the polish do the work.

I especially liked the drill attached foam heads as the foam held the thin consistency of the polish into the polish head. This meant that not only did application become very easy and quick, but a small amount of polish went a long long way.

Malco polish drill fitting and polish heads

You can buy on a special offer

However and whether you use this product on alloy wheels or the kitchen sink, this is great performing and affordable item.

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