Malco Spray Wax Detailing & Valeting Must Product

Malco spray wax is a spray wax with a difference. In the past spray waxes have been awful products that leave dreadful finishes and a splattering of white speckles all over plastics and trim. But not with malco’s spray wax, in fact Malco Spray Wax is designed to be used on vehicle paintwork and plastics and trim. Not only can is be used on exterior trim in can also be used on leather upholstery.

For paintwork this product leaves a deep silky smooth protective shine on maintained¬†bodywork. Whilst on plastics this products leaves a attractive satin finish that’s leaves no sticky residue for dust a rubbish to stick too. It performs exceptionally well on difficult areas such as around wing mirror casings, window rubbers, wiper arms, door handles¬†and windscreen scuttles.

This is a must for all professionals, with such universal usage and instant performance this product can make you money and save time. It’s performance is undoubtable and to top things off it is also very kind on the pocket.

Currently on special offer this is a valetors and detailers dream.

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