Malco Rejuvenator Vehicle Paint Restoration And Scratch Remover

This product is the best light damage and colour restorer we have ever come across!!

This product is essential if you are a professional, enthuisiasts or especially if learning how to enhance and detail your vehicle. This being from its ease of use.

Malco rejuvenator incredible ability to enhance shines, remove scratches and restore paint with extreme minimal throw off makes this an exceptional product. The minimal throw off means no need for extensive masking and also wipes of trim, plastics and all surfaces with ease.

Not only is Malco Rejuvenator an fantastic product, it is also very competatively priced being roughly 50% cheaper than some top end cutting compounds.

Especially with this special offer!!

Click on the image to enlarge image.

The only finished vehicle was the golf wing. The other photos are directly after machining with vertually no throw off! 🙂

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