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So this is quite simply…if you are a person who likes to spend a lot of money on a small bottle of good quality detailing product? Then best not read on. 

ARE you a user who likes to spend a small amount of money on a large container of top class valeting and detailing product? THEN READ ON

Malco and Presta are world wide respected as one of the ultimate detailing and body shop products available on the market. Top detailers around the world such as Billy Martinez  have at close hand the products which save them time and produce the finishes that gain the respect from the industry and of course over joyed customers.

Scroll down below further for photo’s, videos and further information on specific detailing and valeting procedures.


We were first introduced to Malco products 10 years ago with Ultra Violet wash and wax and it soon became clear what a higher standard of products malco had compared to Autosmart, Autoglym, Concept, Neilsen, Trafalgar, Astral and all the other well known brands we had used in the past. With the added bonus of being extremely competitive price and more efficient performance than competitors products.

Since 1953, Malco have been arming professional car detailers, car washes, car dealerships with products that produce exceptional results in exceptionally short times. Malco & Presta have been at the heart of making organisation more profitable and giving the edge over sector competition. That has certainly been true to the case with our company.

Malco employs nearly 300 people and maintains its corporate headquarters in Barberton, Ohio. With additional manufacturing locations in Alliance and Akron, Ohio. Malco Appeal Tyre & Trim Dressing


Outrageous Orange20140710_103057

What ever your budget Malco can produce outstanding results without breaking the bank. For instance, Outrageous Orange can be used on engines, bodywork, interior plastics and even leather. Dilutes up to 1:30 parts.

Outrageous Orange All Purpose Cleaner

Malco Appeal Tyre & Trim Dressing

To follow an engine clean up you can as a suspension dressing like Malco’s Appeal or Aqua Bead. Just spray liberally through out and leave to cure and wipe residue off if required. These water based products are both dilutable and can be used on tyres, interior/exterior trim and leather.


On to the wheels. Nuff said video!!



The killer combination of Malco Ultra Violet, Nano Care Aqua Wax & Showroom Shine is a must in regular valets or maintenance cleans.

What I personally love is the wax for every occasion from Malco. Every single wax produces fantastic gloss with very little effort. Malco have it A1 sussed to arm the valetor / detailer with a wax to cater for every job or customer requirement.

nano care spray wax



Nano Care Spray Wax. Unbelievable, it goes on everything! It’s versatility means it can be applied to tidy up rubbers and trim after machine polishing. Spray wax is brilliant, enhancing alloy wheels for gloss and protection, and simply great for door shut enhancement.


Then the awesome Malco Nano Imperial wax. So a beautiful product to use. Completely fool proof. So easy on, sooo easy off, and you won’t be punished if you overload by accident.



Malco Flash Liquid Paste Wax


Malco Flash Liquid Paste Wax is a wax which is an instant hit with everyone. It does what it says on the tin. Super fast ease of application and removal, coupled with DuPont Zonyl carnauba high gloss protection. Wax your car in half the time and works exceptionally well in direct sunlight if required. Perfect for large surface areas such as lorries, boats, caravans, motor homes as well as cars. Smells lovely to!




Everybody’s fMalco Showroom Shine www.autosgleaming.comMalco Showroom Shine QD www.autosgleaming.comavourite, QD! Malco have two amazing quick detailers sprays. One being Showroom Shine, which silicone free so is body shop safe. Malco’s Showroom Shine also doubles up as an excellent clay lube. Results can be outstanding from a simple quick spray as seen with the Audi photo. Malco’s ‘Mist it’ has silicone content which gives vehicle paintwork a beautiful wet glossy finish with the added bonus of extra protection. Both products are ultra quick and easy to use and are a must in your detailing Arsenal.

So your pride and joy is taking shape quite nicely after your waxing and polishing. However you have a problem! Your headlights, some issues can be cosmetic or to the extreme of MOT failure. Well that’s were Malco come in again. With two options for discoloured car headlight correction to full on restoration, the products are on hand at from Malco at

clio headlightclio headlight restored





So you want to take your paintwork finish to the next level. Malco have some simply breathe taking enhancement products. These are excellent products for trade users simply from the finish gained in such very short space of time, with so little mess! These water based products have personally made my own valeting and detailing business money and plenty of extremely happy customers.

Watch Billy in action with Rejuvenator although you may not be able to understand him!



Malco Restore It is a rip snorter of a product that deliveries absolutely astonishing performance and value for money. Exceptionally good on black and dark colours I don’t think there is a more user friendly compound. With the use of a super soft sponge head the results from the photo’s speak for themselves. With the gentle cutting action and performance the user will find very little chance of leaving trail marks with clearcoats , just deep deep shines in half the time.  A true paint enhancement product.

Malco Restore It


So after you have machined you want a wax sealer and gloss enhancer for the icing on the cake. Malco takes care of this too. Malco Amplifier! But don’t be confused, you don’t have to get Amped up just after major machining, ooh no…you can use the product to enhance paint to give that super wet long lasting shine that beads water like crazy. It’s super fast and easy to use with a super soft buffing head or micro fibre pad. This product galvanises the professional or makes the enthusiast look like a seasoned professional.



Malco also have a impressive selection of tyre dressing. First up are the multi versatile dressings where the detailer can determine the sheen which they demand. Depending on the on how the user dilutes APPEAL or AQAU BEAD they can gain a matte, satin or super gloss.

Both Aqua Bead and Appeal are suspension dressings so they can be applied to wet or dry surfaces. Thus meaning they are superb for use engines and wheel arches as well as tyres. Once an engine or arches has been treated, either or these dressings can be applied instantly to cure to the finish require. Not only that but these dressing can be used on exterior, interior trim and even leather. Appeal has a delightful Banana fragrance also for added Malco APPEAL.


For long lasting shine choose Malco Blue Blazes for new look high gloss. This solvent based product deliveries exceptional results and smells great.



Restoring or improving metal finishes can be enhanced with the use of the outstanding Malco metal polish. Either by hand or with the use of our drill powered ‘POKER POLISHER’ and pads will can outstanding results.

More updates and demonstrations to follow soon.


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