How to get a showroom shine without polishing or waxing

View this video of how by using a selection of truly fantastic products you can obtain a showroom shine in lightning time. These products can not only save you time, they can make valetors and detailers money.

Any person or business involved with the presentation of cars, vans or lorries and indeed any form of transportation, will benefit from the performance of these products..

Speaking to a valetor of ¬†twenty five years only yesterday (09.10.2011) I commented that he still had an old tin of Autoglym radiant wax, not the newer re-vamped version. To which he replied “I hardly polish vehicles anymore, you don’t need it with the quality of wash and waxes and wax additives’. I kind of agreed. He built his business on a similar line as my own twenty year established business. This being, use the best possible products to give the best results in the quickest time. So valet lots, quickly at a competative price. I underline the word ‘valet’ not ‘detail’ as I believe there is a big difference between the two. I believe the definition of detailing is spending 12 hours+ on a single vehicle.

What he meant was the trade dealership work was not getting the hand polished treatment, as the combination of these three products would do the job and save him time. Plus the regular valets only needed maintaining with these products, with the occasional polish once in a while. My valetor friend carries out a lot of trade work and as with many dealerships squeezing every department and cost they possible can, the use of this products allows him to maintain competatives prices due to shorter labour time.

So how do they work?

Ultra violet for me is the best wash and wax you can possibly buy at the present time. The value for money is quite incredible, two litres of concentrate will make over 50 litres. That’s 27p per litre! It’s performance is very good, deepening shines and beading water. It is true that other wash and waxes such as Autoglym Autogloss Rinse or Autosmart Duet perform in a similar way, but Duet or Autogloss ¬†are not as economical on the pocket. Being such an economical product makes Ultra Violet attractive to detailing enthuisiats and especially to trade users having to do the dreaded forecourt maintenance wash & leathers. We already sell large volumes of this product to static hand car washers and too businesses who traul large retail parks with a simple trolley, Ultra Violet and water waffles/powerchams 2’s.

So once you have washed and rinsed your vehicle simply spray on your nano care Aqua Wax and just leather off. The water instantly begins to disperse and in turn enhances shine. Being a nano car care product it protects and leaves a super smooth finish. It could be said that the results you gain from this process alone are sufficient, but if you are a perfectionists or have a dark coloured vehicle you can further your finish. You can use Aqua Wax on dry paintwork, spraying onto paintwork and wiping with a micro fibre cloth for increasing that shine. However, I find Malco’s Showroom Shine easy and quicker to use. Using this final action of Showroom Shine and a micro fibre cloth, eliminates any water marks on windows and paintwork leaving a georgous super smooth shine. Once your micro fibre cloth has a small residue of Showroom Shine on the cloth simply wipe the window to remove water marks. The Ultra Violet on it’s own is outstanding on windows.


I personally, and customers alike have noticed the difference in rain water beading, visible depth of shine and all round finish to vehicle paintwork. You don’t have to use all of these products, but combining all these products together will be a extremely time efficient and cost effective way of acheiving a showroom finish usually achieved by hand polishing alone. Shine On!!!!!

Super charged, super shine!








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