Caravan and Motor home Cleaning


Cleaning motor homes and caravans can be difficult and time consuming. Malco offer a range of products that makes this task easier, quicker with lasting protection.

Outrageous orange is great at cleaning, whilst pick Malco Cherry flash for a very simple and easy application of a gloss boosting protection without breaking into a sweat. If your gel is is good condition then a quick spray wax with Malco Nano Spray Wax is a great way of protecting your caravan or motor home.

Simple washing with Malco Ultra Violet and immediately after rinsing spray malco nano aqua wax for gloss and protection.

If your gel coat is in need of restoration then look no further than the presta cutting compound range, coupled with twisted and blended wool heads can transform faded gel into glossy finishes.

Malco prepared gel surfaces

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