Car Cleaning Tips

Trade Secrets and Tips

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Washing Vehicles

  • Apply TFR to heavily soiled or fly covered areas using pump spray or mini jet.
  • Soak wheels in TFR or wheel cleaning allowing 3 minutes penetration for best results.
  • Do not allow detergents dry on vehicles.

Hand/Machine Polishing

  • Do not polish vehicle exteriors in direct sunshine or when panels are hot.
  • Do not mix cutting compounds on application pads.
  • Spray your sponge polishing head with a light dusting of water before compound application.
  • Apply polish to dark coloured bodywork in straight lines, rather than circular motion.
  • Use Farecla G3 for scratch removal.
  • Use Presta cutting creme for really effective scratch removal with less swirls than other compounds
  • Use micro fibre cloths to remove any remaining polish dust


  • Spray interior staining with appropriate chemical and leave for three minutes to allow penetration. Agitate with a brush if required.
  • When dressing interior plastics always wipe over with micro fibre cloth to remove excess residue and dust.
  • Chewing Gum Removal
  • To remove chewing gum without solvent based chemicals, fill a plastic bag with ice and place on the affected area. When the gum is sufficiently cold simply remove with a vacuum cleaner or by hand.

Bad Smells.

  • Fogging machines are a great way of combating bad smells from pets, tobacco with sanitser agents. Excellent for detailers, valetors and ll car care needs.

Wood Stain Removal

  • Use multi g multi purpose cleaner to remove water based wood stain from vehicle exteriors and interiors. Removes woodstain safely and easily from all surfaces.